Catch that spotlight

Capture the right moment, convey emotion and atmosphere.

" Three songs, no flash! " are the last four words that you hear as a concert photographer just before entering the photo pit. The magic begins. The star of the show takes the stage, dazzled by the spotlights as she greets the enthusiastic crowd. Imperceptibly, you record the emotions and atmosphere of the entire event. The third song ends. You just have to hope that you did everything right.


I have been photographing concerts as a photojournalist for the alternative music portal since September 2017. Cooperation with the portal continues today and includes more than a hundred concerts, I report both from individual concert events and from various music festivals, from smaller clubs to large concert venues in Belgrade and the surrounding area.

In addition to reporting on the portal, I am also available to photograph your concert by myself, or if necessary with my team of photographers. Feel free to contact me for more details as well as planning the photo shoot itself.